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海保の手紙 ・ seaside letters

shinnyu's translation journal

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Welcome to my translation journal ♥

As I put some real work in this just a few rules and facts:
#1 - Do not STEAL! Please do not take my work and let people know it's yours.
#2 - Please CREDIT. Taking and reposting all fine to me, but please credit.
#3 - Let me know where you posted it. Well, no real „rule“, but it would be really nice to know when you for example took it for you fansite or stuff =D
#4 - Magazine articles will be friends locked! In general this is an open comm. I won't lock blog entries or lyrics for example, but full magazine articles will be locked.
#5 - Taking requests. However I really cannot ensure you I can really do it. XD

more stuff comming soon ^^